Benchmark Campus Manager

Efficiently organize your Academic management with Benchmark Manager


Benchmark Campus Manager

Benchmark Manager is a cloud-based solution designed to help institutes automate their admission, student, course, fees, store, library and transport management processes. With a simple and intuitive interface, our team of software app developers, develop an app that allows users to easily track and manage student information, fees and transportation details and generate reports.

This app also provides parents with access to their child's learning experience and additional information supplied by the school. Selected data is automatically shared and constantly updated, ensuring that parents are promptly contacted and informed about important developments in their child's education.

The Benchmark Manager app helps parents to obtain access and to engage in their child's learning experience, as well as follow-up on additional information supplied by their child's school with our web development services. Selected data is automatically shared and constantly updated, ensuring that parents are promptly contacted and informed. The Benchmark Manager app is available in the Apple and Google App stores for parents, but it can only be enabled through schools.

  • Admission Management: The Admission management module contains registration settings such as Amount Settings, payment allocation, payment status, and registration date settings; an online registration module for doing online registration; a 'verify documents page' for the verification process of uploaded documents; and admission setting modules for configuring the admission settings.
  • Registration Management : The registration management module in the application will contain student registration for registering new students, settings for the student TRN number, 'Student profile' for viewing or updating the student details, students whose registrations are canceled, details of family members for viewing the siblings, and related reports.
  • Promotion Management: The promotion management module is for promoting or detaining students and other related reports.
  • Fees Management: The Fees Management module in the application is used to handle fees for the students. The Fee Management module contains the basic settings such as account code, fee type, demand frequency, fee code, and penalty settings. The Fee Allocation contains the Periodic Fees Template, Fee Assignment, Student Assignment, Student Allocation List, Student De Allocation, Fee Enable/Disable, Set Arrear Monthly, Other Fee Allocation, and other fee deallocation. Fee Collection includes Fee collection, prospectus fees, Registration Fees, B-Wallet, Voucher Cancellation, Voucher Re-print, post-dated cheques, Cheque Reconciliation, Blacklist Release, counter collection, and account details such as student account, payback management, and fee concessions such as concession slab, concession list, fee exemption, and arrears management. Reports can be retrieved according to the user role set by the admin.
  • Book Store-Sub: The Book Store module manages Loose Packing of books, OH Packing, Billing, Delivery of books, and Related Reports.
  • Transport Management: The Transport Management in the application contains passenger settings, vehicle settings, trip settings, service and maintenance, and other settings and related reports.
  • Notification Management: The Notification Management module allows institutes to send notifications via SMS or Email to the parents and students. Our expertise as a web development company surpasses in making versatile apps for various clients. The Oxford School Kollam parent app is a user-friendly application that allows every parent to completely access the activities of their ward at school, that helps them to track their ward’s academic performance, attendance, conveyance, circulars etc.
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