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Utilities for effective Teaching-Learning process


Techno Alliance is a leading provider of custom app development services. Our team of benchmark learning manager experts specializes in creating innovative and user-friendly apps that help clients solve specific challenges and improve their operations.

Being one of the top web designing companies in UAE, the apps that we have developed by our learning management system, is designed to help parents track their child's academic performance, attendance, conveyance and other important information. This app provides parents with easy access to important data and allows them to engage in their children’s learning experience in real time.

With our learning management system app, parents can view their child's attendance records, grades and other academic data, helping them stay informed about their child's progress and identify areas where they may need additional support. They can also access information about their transportation, such as bus routes and schedules, ensuring that they are always aware of how their child is getting to and from school.

Benchmark learning manager application provides parents with access to important school announcements and circulars, ensuring that they are always up to date with the latest information from the school. This can help parents stay informed and involved in their child's education, even if they are not able to physically be at the school.

Benchmark Learning
  • Utilities for effective teaching-learning processes like teacher and student profile management
  • Utilities for effective Teaching-Learning process like teacher and student profile management, academics, curriculum, time table, teaching plan etc
  • Conduct assessments/exams, by creating questionnaires, doping continuous evaluation and generate in depth assessment for learning reports and reports cards, which is secured through powerful online proctoring
  • Integration with Google Classroom and Google Meet for live remote classes with auto generated attendance reports
  • Almost 50,000 + contents are arranged in Grade, Subject and theme wise to be easily accessible to any user

The app also includes features that allow parents to communicate with teachers and other school staff, providing a convenient way for them to ask questions, raise concerns, and provide feedback. This can help foster stronger relationships between parents and the school, and can improve the overall learning experience for students.

Overall, our app is a valuable tool for parents who want to stay engaged and informed about their child's education. It provides real-time access to important data and allows parents to communicate with the school, helping them be more involved in their child's learning experience.

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